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QDAX User Manual

1. User Account Creation:

Click on Create an Account

Enter user details
  • Name
  • Email id
  • Phone Number
  • Password
Activate the account using the OTP sent to registered email id.
Sign in with registered email id & password, it will be redirected to Dashboard.

2. Dashboard

Digital assets, indicator and duration can be selected from the drop down menus at the top. You can find “Order Book” on the right section, “My Trades”, “Qdax & other cryptocurrency balance” on the footer section.

3. My Wallet

Check the balance in this section.

4. Wallet History

Check the wallet transactions history.

5. Profile details

User can see their profile details such as email id, phone number, joining date.
Digital asset details visible in this section.

6. Promotion

Here user can check if there are any promotions.

7. Settings

Google 2 Factor Authorization to change the password.
Users need to install and open Google Authenticator mobile app. Scan QR code for OTP.

8. Support

Users can ask for technical support/ help in this section.

Enjoy trading on QDAX Exchange!