Coin Details

QDAX Coins are native exchange coins that can be bought to lower your trading fee by 50%

For active traders they are perfect to help lower your fees by 50% on all trades, making QDAX one of the lowest priced trading options of all Crypto Currency Exchanges.

Coin Opportunities

At QDAX we believe strongly in our native QDAX Exchange Coin as it will have many more uses than just an exchange utility coin. We are working on partnership with hundreds of ecommerce websites enabling QDAX holders to use our coins as a form of payment and soon to be used on a new Powerful Crypto Search Engine. We believe could change the way searches are done in the future and we want QDAX to be in the forefront of that growth. will be giving Crypto Currency called SPAY (Search Pay) for each search done, changing the way we think of search. People who wish to buy ads, links, jobs listings, or other services can use SPAY but also QDAX Coin in the near future. QDAX Coin is actively looking for new and powerful projects it can integrate into and inject stability and the power of a reliable Exchange Coin.