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QDAX Features


Protection against DDoS attacks, 2-Factor authentication available; Cold wallet storage.

High Liquidity

Fast order execution, minimal spread, and access to high liquidity order book.

Easy Deposits & Withdrawals

Simple deposits and withdrawals supported sent and received between wallets.

Minimal Fees

Low fees, and no limits trades. Save an additional 50% off fees with QDAX Utility Tokens.

Global Exchange

Access to trading 24hrs/7days, ensuring orders are executed in real-time. Advanced Trading Tools.


We support almost all crypto currencies, and provide stable markets with high volume trades.

QDAX Approved Partners

The Gold Standard for ICO's, offer QDAX Approved and services to your clients.

Launching Pad

Opportunity to invest in more new ICO coins than any other exchange. We have the largest partner network.

About Us

Founded in 2018, is a global and professional crypto currency exchange. QDAX goals are to make Trading Simple, Fast, and Secure. QDAX is revolutionizing the Crypto Currency market. QDAX core team, are some of the most experienced early adopters in Crypto Currency and Fintech.

Projects can get approved on QDAX. The "QDAX Approved Seal" on an ICO means the project is ready to trade soon, setting The Gold Standard for ICO's. New coins can go from ICO and start trading the next day on QDAX, bringing certainty and trust to their community. Offering access to the most promising projects and confidence to investors. Trading Made Simple.

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